About the SilverDalen Philatelic Website

These pages are devoted to the fine art of collecting stamps.

Over the years I have accumulated fine friends and collections all gathered by a common interest in stamps and postal history. This material is now offered for sale through SilverDalen Stamps, a daughter company of my main company SilverDalen Soft.

I want to share this with you all and I am offering from my Web a range of my own products, from traditional printed books and catalogues to free electronic editions of catalogues and editions until now only published on SilverDalens Stamps Website.

Enjoy my free philatelic catalogues on the SilverDalens Stamps Website, but please remember that the copyrights are entirely mine. Any republishing or infringement of copyright, even in part, may bring you severe difficulties. All rights are reserved, text, illustrations, reference systems and all others.

Catalogue numbers and references may be used, only when referred to as "Backman 19xx Catalogue". Illustrations or other parts may not be used without written permission.

You also will find on the SilverDalens Stamps Website a number of offers of interesting stamps for sale, from my own collecting interests. These will range from the average stamps through the better items up to the very rare and exclusive items that you rarely find offered anywhere else.

It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy the SilverDalen Stamps Website, broaden your interest, your knowledge as well as enhance your collections.


Anders Backman

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