Tuva 2000 Stamps CatalogueTM
1998 by Anders Backman, ISBN 91-7067-010-2.


Anders Backman and SilverDalen Stamps proudly presents a new catalogue concept, the year 2000 compliant stamp catalogues.

Another first!
Tuva 2000 Stamps CatalogueTM is another first, using new techniques and relying on the Internet, forming a new catalogue concept.

Compliant with the year 2000
Tuva 2000 Stamps CatalogueTM is the first year 2000 compliant catalogue with free updates on the Internet.

Pricing for the New Europe
With pricing in the new European Single Currency Euro Euro(ECU) Tuva 2000 Stamps CatalogueTM is prepared for the New Europe and the next centuary.

Both philatelic periods
The Tuva 2000 Stamps CatalogueTM lists and describes all known official stamps from the Republik of Tuva of both philatelic periods, 1926-1944 and 1994-1995.

The first philatelic period
The stamps from the first philatelic period 1926-1944 of Tuva were used for mail national and international and are today recognized more or less by most leading international stamp catalogues.

The second philatelic period
The stamps from the second period listed in The Tuva 2000 Stamps CatalogueTM, 1994-1995, were officially prepared under contract for the Tuva government, but never approved by the Russian authorities, and consequently these stamps were never put in regular everyday postal use.

Presenting the official documents
The Tuva 2000 Stamps CatalogueTM also presents some of the official documents in order to clarify the status of the Tuva stamps from the second philatelic period as “officially prepared but never issued”.

Free updates!
Free supplements with future additions (if any) and future price changes to The Tuva 2000 Stamps CatalogueTM are available free of charge from the Internet at: http://www.silverdalen.se/stamps/tuva.

Distribution in the UK and worldwide
UK distributor of is Vera Trinder Ltd, 38 Bedford Street, London WC2E 9EU, telephone 0171-836 2365, fax 0171-836 0873.

US Distribution
Tannu Tuva Collectors Society, 513 - 6th Ave. S., Lake Worth, FL 33460-4507,USA , email p003115b@pb.seflin.org, http://www.seflin.org/tuva

Tuva Trader, J. Eric Slone, 5500 Holmes Run Parkway, Suite 501, Alexandria, Virginia 22304-2851, telephone (703) 461-7550, fax (703) 751-6639, email eslone@patriot.net, http://www.scs-intl.com.

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