Stamps issued from 1960 until 1969
Isle of Jethou

The island of Jethou lies somewhat centrally in the Channel Islands three miles east of Guernsey and 500 yards south of Herm Island. The island of Jethou is roughly oval in shape and about a half mile long, covering nearly ninety acres of which the central plateau accounts for some twenty. Jethou rises fairly steeply from the sea and its highest points reaches 236 feet above sea level.

Fauconniere and Crevicon
There are two smaller islands, Fauconniere and Crevicon, close by but apart from an impressive array of birds, neither is inhabited.

The Middle Ages
Jethou has a well-documented history. Prior to the Norman Conquest of England the island was granted by Duke Robert of Normandy to his admiral, Restald. From him the island passed into monastic hands and thus it remained throughout much of the Middle Ages. The last monks were displaced in 1540 and Jethou then entered another period of its history - as a hunting ground for the deer, pheasants and rabbits.

Industry found its way to the island around the middle of the last century, when the States of Guernsey quarried for granite on both Crevichon and Jethou itself.

The last two centuries have seen a succession of tenants renting the island from the Crown. During the nineteenth century the motives for doing so sometimes involved the opportunities which the island offered for smuggling but nowadays the attractions of tenancy center around the desire to live in peace and quiet and the enjoyment of the Tenant´s privilege of having no taxes of death duties to pay.

The public period with the stamps
In the 50´s and the 60´s Jethou was open to the public, and stamps were issued to give publicity for the island. However the lack of good sandy beaches on Jethou meant that the island was never really popular and a cafe and a gift shop was the island´s only concession to commercialism. All local stamps in the Bailiwick of Guernsey were banned on October 1st 1969 and Isle of Jethou has been closed to the public since since. 1970

More details about the history of Jethou, stamps and postal service are in the handbook "The Postage Stamps of the Smaller Channel Islands".

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