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A massive structured listing of Dogs on Stamps

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Tuva stamps 1994-1995
A listing of the officially issued stamps

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2001 Winter
Alderney, Sark, Brecqhou, Dogs, Dinosaurs, Vietcong, Maluku Selatan, Cats

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2001 Winter - extra
Slania, Snakes, Triangulars, Vietnam with Military stamps, French Colonials and French Area

1.7 Mb

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2001 Spring
Lundy with Millenary proofs and trials, Maluku Selatan, Calf of Man, North Korea and Vietnam War

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2001 Summer
Slania, Birds, WWF, Laos, French Colonies and ex-colonies, Scottish Islands, Kennedy, Horses, North Korea, Mongolia, Lundy

11 Mb

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2001 Summer - extra
Rotary, Chess, Scouts, Mushrooms, Horses, Disney, Russia with miniature sheets
Christmas, Kennedy, Ras Al Khaima, Fujeira, Zeppelins,Manama, and Dogs

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