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The greatest philatelic opportunity since 1840
I am excited to offer you my catalogue on this fine new media. Computers and the Internet are the greatest things that have happened to philately since 1840!

Getting local on a world basis
The world is changing fast and so is philately. As the whole world becomes one huge global digital village many people are also seeking the peace of the small community. For stamp collecting this means that many collectors are turning to smaller areas, where the stamps issued are not counted by the thousands and the quantities of stamps printed not measured by the millions.

The Guernsey - Sark Stamps
The Commodore Shipping Company stamps that were issued for the small parcel service Guernsey - Sark are a fine examples of this. Less than 200 stamps were issued over almost 20 years, where printing quantities of 10,000 were not unusual. No more stamps can be issued as the shipping contract ended 30 September 1969.

Visit Sark!
Sark is a lovely small island that you can get around in just a few hours. A visit is strongly recommended.

Growing interest
With the financial sector becoming the largest industry in the Channel Islands we see a new group of collectors moving in. More people are eager to look for the cultural heritage of the Channel Islands where stamps are an important part.

With the Commodore Shipping Company issuing stamps for both Guernsey - Sark and Guernsey-Alderney we saw a significant rise in the prices of Guernsey-Alderney stamps as the first independent Alderney postage stamps were issued in 1983. With the Sark stamps being much cheaper than the Alderney stamps this meant that the Sark stamps went into collections much faster than the Alderney stamps, and we see a trend of the Sark stamps getting more expensive. With the small printings that are documented in this catalogue it is not surprising that much material is getting increasingly difficult to find.

With the new Europa emerging we see a renewed interest in the early Europa stamps. May I predict another boom 40 years later, at a time when so little material is available?

Primitive productions
Many of the stamps issued by the Commodore Shipping Company were produced, stored and handled under primitive circumstances. Perforations and centering is mostly inferior.

The uniform colours
Some sets were issued not only in sheets of 10, 48 or 50 stamps but also in miniature sheets, with often different colours of the stamps and overprints. The miniature sheets were printed in units of three miniature sheets to a printer´s sheet and separated before delivery. After careful consideration I have decided to list these stamps individually, as well as in miniature sheets of different types. I refer to them as "The Uniform Colours" as they are distinctly different from the basic set.

The miniature sheets
The revised listing of the Uniform Colours and the different types of the Miniature Sheets are likely to create a market shortage of these items. Although the printing figures for the Miniature Sheets are not know to your author these were definitely lower than for the basic sets. And with some of the basic sets having a printing figure of 10,000...

Revised catalogue numbers
The catalogue numbers for both Guernsey - Sark and Guernsey - Alderney have been revised and harmonized with this issue of Guernsey - Sark Online Stamps Catalogue on the Internet by Anders Backman.

Special thanks to Mr. O. W. Newport
The Guernsey - Sark Online Stamps Catalogue on the Internet by Anders Backman
is largely based on the collection of the late Mr. O. W. Newport, and many of the text you find is his wording from the album. Mr. O. W. Newport was my source of inspiration and support as I started my Channel Islands Collections. In the 70´s Mr. O. W. Newport had to sell his collections due to a new job where he was not permitted to collect stamps. I was fortunate to be offered his fantastic research collection of the Smaller Channel Islands and am happy to keep this information alive and growing with publishing in both new and traditional media.

First pages produced
With the first pages produced for Guernsey - Sark Online Stamps Catalogue on the Internet by Anders Backman I have decided to go ahead and publish as so many of you are asking for this catalogue. Be certain that the other pages will follow.


Taby 25th July 1998
Anders Backman

Additional pages produced
With the additional pages produced for Guernsey - Sark Online Stamps Catalogue on the Internet by Anders Backman the first edition of this catalogue is completed. This will be followed by a CD-ROM edition and might be followed by a paper version. Your input please!

Taby 26th October 1998
Anders Backman

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