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1995 Dinosaurs
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This page was updated on January 18th 2001

The complete set of 7 stamps depicting Tuvan symbols and:

  • Trachodon
  • Styracosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Archeaeopteryx
  • Pteranodon
  • Phororhacos
  • Aptatosaurus

Backman catalogue number 189-195


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32902 The complete set IMPERFORATE
10,000 sets only left imperforate!
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32903 Horizontal pairs perforated + imperforate $9.99 Send me!
32904 Blocks of 4, perforate + imperforate
$18.99 Send me!
32905 The 4 small stamps in full unfolded sheets of 70 stamps! $49.99 Send me!
32906 As above but IMPERFORATE - less that 145 imperf sheet sets have existed
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32907 The 3 large stamps in full unfolded sheets of 35 stamps! $49.99 Send me!
32908 As above but IMPERFORATE - less that 290 imperf sheet sets have existed
$99.99 Send me!
32760 Additional top value in souvenir sheet, perforated, 45,000 printed
Backman catalogue number 196
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32761 Imperforate souvenir sheet, 5,000 only left imperforate $29.99 Send me!
10730 Backman Tuva Stamps catalogue
Full colour stamps catalogue, listing both philatelic periods of Tuvan stamps, 1926-1944 and 1994-1995. Full colour 16 pages. ISBN 91-7067-010-2.
Also presenting official Tuva documents in order to clarify the status of the Tuvan stamps from the second philatelic period.

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