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Officially prepared, but never approved by Russia
The official Tuva stamps 1994-1995

The Tuva government decided in 1994 officially to go ahead and issue their own postage stamps.

The general idea was to push the stamp project into operation as fast as possible in order to commemorate both the 50th anniversary of the integration of Tuva into Russia and to mark the fact that 50 years ago Tuva was using their own stamps.

The Austrian contract
With a lack of local funds a contract for producing the stamps was written with the Austrian company Dvornikova and Snada, which financed, prepared and supplied the stamps for the Tuva Government.

The document illustrated above on the letterhead of the Republic of Tuva Government is the contract stating that the proposal by the company Dvornikova and Snada has been accepted by the Government of Tuva, the President of Tuva and the Parliament of Tuva.

The contract says that from this day (April 13th 1994) the Austrian company should start preparations for issuing the first issue of three stamps with flag, coat of arms and the Monument, Centre of Asia.

This document has the status of an initial agreement that gives the Austrian company possibility to start the work for the stamps.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tuva, V. Saltchak has signed this contract.

Decision in the Tuva Parliament
The official resolution of the Parliament of Tuva illustrated above states:


For the effort of increased publicity of the Republic of Tuva on the international arena and as an effort to collect more funds for the postal administration of Tuva, The Parliament of Tuva has decided:

1. To resume issuing postage stamps of Tuva, a custom that was interrupted in 1944.

2. The Government of Tuva is responsible for the issuing of stamps of Tuva and should immediately start the preparations for the first (twentysecond) issue of postage stamps of Tuva.

Signed: Chairman of the Parliament, H. Bicheldy, Kyzyl 20.05.1994, number 99.

In the meantime Tuva authorities asked for permission from Russia who first said Yes and later said No to postal independence for Tuva. The discussions continued and a number of stamps were prepared during this period.

The complete Tuva listing
Other Tuva stamps have appeared on the philatelic market but according to the information available to the writer all stamps prepared under the offical contract by firma Dvornikova and Snada are listed in the Tuva 2000 Stamp Catalogue.

Internet Documents
Listed above are some of the official documents from this interesting philatelic period. More official documents will be listed here. The first one is found below.


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