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The Tuva 2000 Stamp Catalogue project
Taking Tuva stamps into another century

The stamps of Tuva or Tannu Touva as the country used to be called have always interested me greatly.

As a young boy I found these unusual shaped stamps with bold designs, so very much different, attractive and exciting.

The Tuva stamps were available at low cost in stamp shops and from approvals and we boys loved them.

The fact that no more stamps were issued after 1943 made them even more attractive as it was at that time easy to form an almost complete collection.

What is this?

When, after many year, Tuva stamps reappeared 1994 on the philatelic scene it was with mixed emotions that I saw new stamps that were produced.

Some were most attractive and related to Tuva, inspired by the old Tannu Tuva stamps.

Others were strange, some poorly produced and others were just confusing so the question arose: "Are these real genuine Tuva postal stamps?"

The search for facts regarding the new Tuva stamps often led to contradictory information and depressing results, and I was about to abandon the new Tuva collection project.

The excitement goes on!

However I found a documentation that is partly displayed on page 16 of this catalogue, that defines the official status of the Tuva stamp issues that are described in The Tuva 2000 Stamp Catalogue.

The documentation clarifies which stamps were of ficially ordered by the Tuva government after a formal decision in the Tuva parliament.

A philatelic agent prepared the stamps under contract for the Tuva government as documented on page 16 in the paper-edition of Tuva 2000 Stamp Catalogue..

The new Tuva stamps were delivered to Tuva, but never allowed for general international postal use by the Russian authorities.

Offically prepared but never issued

The official status of the 1994-1995 Tuva stamps, although use was refused, makes the stamps in my opinion very collectable as "stamps offically prepared but never issued" and as such even more exciting.

New documents

This catalogue gives details of printers and \printing quanttaties ofmost of the 1994-1995 Tuva stamps as appearing in theofficial Tuva documentation

Euro pricing

The pricing in the catlogue, using the the new European Single Currency Unit, EURO, tries to reflect the current market value of the stamps based onpirces in Europe and the United States.

Collecting via the Internet

A new era has reached stamp collecting where information now flows freely via the Internet and e-mails are speeding up communications, preparing for the century. This has: inspired me to the create of a new type of catalogue for the new century, Tuva 2000 Stamp Catalogue with free digital updates.

Free catalogue updates

The paper-edition Tuva 2000 Stamp Catalogue will be updated with free supplements on the internet, at least up to the year 2000.


Comments and suggestions please!

Please send me your input for the catalogue supplement by e-mail or traditional mail to:
Anders Backman, PO Box 450, S-183 04 Taby, Sweden
fax int +46-8-446 3821.

The International Hobby

Stamp collecting has always been an intern hobby and now becomes even more internationalwith the appearances of digital media and digital:communications.

The Tuva 2000 Stamp Catalogue with free updates is an attempt to encourage the modern collectors moving into the new century.


Anders Backman


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